Fabric Cutting Solutions

Hyadraulic Plane Scissoring Machine

  XCLP2-350/300 4-PILLAR Hyadraulic Plane Scissoring Machine 

The machine is mainly suitable for cutting one layer or layers of leather, rubber,plastic, plastics packing, textile
and chemical fibre etc. With molding cutter.
  1.The operation is labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong cutting power and high cutting speed.
  2.Double oil cylinder and precise four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, which can
guarantee the absolutely same cutting depth of each cutting position.
  3.When pressing the cutting board and touching the cutter, it can cut automatically and slowly to make that no
size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of the cutting material.
  4.Operation with two hands makes high safety


Maximum momentum 300KN 350KN/400KN
Seissor speed 0.12m/s 0.11m/s
Stroke adjustment 0—120mm
Range between the working tables 60—160mm
Size of the upper pressing board 1600×500mm 1600×600mm
Size of the pressing board 1600×510mm 1600×610mm
Motor power 2.2KW 3KW
Overall dimension 2210×1150×1320mm 2210×1250×1320mm
Total weight 1800kg 2000kg


Plane Cutting Machine
Smooth Hydraulic Pressure Powered Cutting Machine XCLP2-250

It is suitable for forming and laying-off of leather, plastic cement, canvas, nylon, paper board,vacuum forming,composite material,blister cotton,package,and various kinds of
synthetic materials in one layer or numerous layers.
1.The guide for the hold-down plate moving up and down is near to the lead rails in two
sides.The good guide effect ensures the parallelism of upper and lower working sides.
2.The double-hand operation ensures the operators safety.
3.The machine is equppied with dragging plate so that it is easy for operators to take
out cutter mold and ensures the safety.
4.The compound bearing installed between the headstock and bearing seat does need
any lubrication. No wearing.
5.Suitable for laying-off of wide and multi-layer materials.

Maximum momentum 250KN
Seissor speed 0.10m/s
Stroke adjustment 0—100mm
Range between the working tables 60—150mm
Size of the upper pressing board 1600×500mm
Size of the pressing board 1600×550mm
Motor power 2.2KW
Overall dimension 2000×700×130mm
Total weight 1400kg

Hydraulix pressure powered cutting machine
  Hydraulix pressure powered cutting machine

This machine is mainly suitable for cutting varieties of leather rubber,plastic,fabric,etc with a blade of fixed shape.
a.The puncher pin can move left and right to achieve wide operation line of sight .Suitable for laying-off of wide and
multi-layer materials.
b.The puncher pin can move left and right automatically to achieve convenient operation and save working time.
c.An automatic feeding equipment can be added optionally to improve work efficiency. 

Maximum momentum
Range between the pressing board top
Distance between press board and table(L×W)
Cutting speed
Main engine Power
Suit engine Power
Automatic Feeding Cutting Machine
  Four--column double--side hydraulic automatic feeding machine

Model xclp2-1200A hydraulic quadrangular double-edge feeder is alarge tonnagefeeding machinery independently researche. Developed and manufactured with introduced foreign advanced technologies in a variety of cut articles that are subject to cutting with mill mould such as leather,plastic,cloth,bag,toy,foam sheet.rubber products and wood sheet etc.double-oil tank and four column automatic balance connection rod clevel device,each server postti9on depth is ensured to be identical
double-faced automatic feeding device,making the overall machine’s production efficiency rise 2 to 3 times
two-section cutting,down in the first section,pressure concentrated in the second section to cut with high pressures. With this method,the blade of cut articles is even and the life is prolonged with power being saved.
Peculiar mill mould configuration, with the cutting mill and height, the process regulation is made simple and proper.
Central automation lubrication system assures the machine’s precision and enhance its durability
Multi-tube cooler is equipped, ensuring the oil temperature remains stable.

Precision Four-column Cutting Machine
Precious hydraulic automatic balancing notching press
Product Description
1.Computer control system and screen-touching display make operation easy.quick and exact.
2.Bi-cylinder and the structure of four-column automatic balancing rod guarantee the same depth of each cut position.
3.It can support single-side or bi-side automatic feed attachment and raise the working efficent of the whole machine by two or three times.
4.When cutting board presses down and touches cutter. it slows down to cut automatically . which can avoid error between top and the bottom pf the cut material.
5. The special designed structure can match the cutter and cut height to make stroke adjust easy and exact.
6. Center Automatic Lubrication System can guarantee the precision and can raise abrasive resistance.
Model number:                                                           XCLP3-30      XCLP3-350     XCLP3-500     XCLP3-600
Maxinum cutting force:                                                  300KN              350KN             500KN           600KN
Stroke adjustment:                                                                                           50-165mm
Distance bettween press board and table:                                                50-245mm
Table area;                                                         1600X550mm 1600X610mm 1600X710mm 1600X750mm
Motor power:                                                                    1.5KW             2.2KW                  3KW               4KW
Net weight:                                                                      2500kg            31000kg             3300kg         3900kg
Continue according to cutting machine
Continue according to cutting machine
The machine is applicable for cutting of leather, rubber, plastic, paperboard, cloth, foam, nylon, synthetic leather and PVC plate etc. materials by die cutter in leather processing, luggage and baggage, automobile decoration, shoemaking and plastic rubber etc. Industries.
  1.The double oil cylinder, precise four-column automatic balancing connection rod mechanism can guarantee all cutting positions have the same depth.
  2.The upper pressing board can move forward and backward so that the operation visual ield of operator is the best and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.
  3.When cutting, after feeding material and arranging die cutter, the upper pressing board will move forward, descend, punch, ascend and automatically move backward. All the actions are completed without a letup, which has greatly increased work efficiency.  4.During the cutting operation, the photoelectric tube control is adopted with the most safe operation.
Maximum momentum 350KN/400KN 500KN/600KN
Seissor speed 0.11m/s
Stroke adjustment 0—120mm
Range between the working tables 60—160mm 60-180mm
Translational speed 0.40m/s
Size of the upper pressing board 1600×600mm 1600×780mm
Size of the pressing board 1600×610mm 1600×800mm
Motor power 3KW 4KW
Overall dimension 2320×1600×1520/1720mm
Total weight 2500kg 4000 kg
CNC Cutting Machine
Hydraulic pressure cutting machine
the cutting machine is used to scissor up leather ,rubber plastic,cloth,sponge,nylon,im-itation leather pvc board etc in industry Detailed Product Description
1.TheCutting Machine is applicable for whole-broken or semi-broken operation of various nonmetal slices materials bydie cutter.for example :such industries as plastics packing,pearl conton packing,rubber and printing etc.
2.Microcomputer controlled,with simple, prompt and accurate operation.
3.The main machine adopts double oil cylinder,double-crank connecting rod  balancing,four-column precise guiding mechanism,which can guarantee that the cutting depth at every cutting position is same.
4.The pressing board  carries out slow cutting when it presses downward to contact the die cutter ,which can make that there is no size error  between the uppermost layer and lower most layer of cut materials.
5.The central oil supply automatic lubricating system guarantees the service life and precision of machine.
6.single-side or double-side automatic feeeding system can be allocated to enhance the production efficiency of machine twice or thrice.
7.Cutting board micro-movement device can be allocated to evenly consume the cutting board and save cost.
8.Die cutter pneumatic clamp device can be allocated to make the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt .optional:1,single-side and double-side automatic feeding systems;2,Cutting board micro-movement device,3,Die cutter pneumatic clamp device.

Technical   Specification









Maximum Momentum








Cutting Region

610×1600 mm

610×1400 mm

730×1600 mm

730×1400 mm

730×1600 mm

730×1400 mm

800×1600 mm

800×1400 mm

900×1600 mm

900×1400 mm

1000×1600 mm


1000×1600 mm


Range Of Travle Adjustment








Engine Power








Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine


Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine 


1) Technology from England Combination Shoe-Making Machine Company Ltd applied;
2) Safe, two-hand trip operation ;
3) Used to scissor up plastic boards, leather, fiber, cotton fiber, paper cartons and other similar materials;
4) Equipped with lubricating system to lessen wear and prolong service life;
5) Lower limit of stroke is controlled by a time-lapse circuit with high precision, so it can make high-quality shoes;
6) People can adjust height of sway arm from table by simple handle, convenient, stable;

Main technical data:


GSB -2C /20

GSB -2C /25

Cutting Force

20 Tons

25 Tons

Sway Arm Width

350X 550mm

450x 550mm

Stroke Adjustment

5 -75mm

Distance Between Upper Table And Lower Table

65 -150mm

Table Area

1000X 500mm

Electric Supply Voltage

3x415/400/380 /220V, 50/60 Hz

Motor Power


Packing Size(LXWXH)

1000X1000X 1500mm



Hydraulic oil (46#)

50 Liters